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  • About us

    It was in 2007 that ESSE - Estacionamentos à Superfície e Subterrâneo, S.A. was introduced to simplify the daily routines of the drivers.

    Dedicated, since then, to the construction and operation of underground car parks, as well as to the concession and operation of surface parking places, ESSE contributes to the rotation of parking lots and to better mobility and access by all to trade and services.
    In an area of ​​action involving a large number of stakeholders, such as municipalities, residents, merchants and visitors, it is necessary to match the common interests of all of them. In order to achieve this, ESSE carefully studies its interventions so that they can be as effective and as assertive as possible.

    Alongside its main area of expertise, the will of business diversification and internationalization of ESSE have provided the coordination and management of public and private contracts in different areas of business in the country and abroad.

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  • Values
    Permanently maintaining the quality standard in the services it provides and in the relationships it establishes are essential factors in ESSE's conduct.

    In that sense, it intends to continue to distinguish itself by:
    • Customer satisfaction and safety.
    • Ethics and respect in the relationship with competitors and partners.
    • Employee appreciation.
    • Compliance with current legislation.
    • Social and environmental responsibility.
  • Benefits
    Invigorating the surrounding areas of local commerce is one of the main focuses of ESSE.

    This allows drivers to:

    • Not waste time looking for parking, saving time and money.
    • Enjoy safe and comfortable parking.
    • Have parking near urban centres and local commerce.
    • Improve road traffic.
    • Benefit from the parking turnover.
    • Enjoy better mobility and access to trade zones and services.
  • Objectives
    The future ahead is promising, challenging and full of achievements.

    For this, ESSE, continues to invest in:
    • Continuous investment in innovative solutions.
    • Constant improvement of processes and services.
    • Competitive price / quality ratio.
    • Training of employees.
    • Close relationships with the community.
  • Code of conduct
    • All ESSE employees must comply with the legal and regulatory rules applicable to the company's activity. No acts in violation of the different normative provisions may be carried out.
    • ESSE does not tolerate or permit any harassment or behavior, comment or abusive physical contact, or any other inappropriate conduct among employees, community, or vendors. Anyone engaging in such attitudes, whether inside or outside the workplace, is subject to disciplinary sanctions. Insults, obscenities, blasphemies or any kind of slang in the relationship with the community or even with colleagues are not acceptable.
    • All employees must actively fight against all forms of corruption, whether active or passive, with special attention to any form of payments, favors and complicity that constitute subtle forms of corruption.
    • ESSE employees must always act with discretion regarding facts and information resulting from the exercise of their duties.
    • In the performance of their duties, ESSE employees should be responsible and cooperative, privileging the good environment, respect and good personal service, both with colleagues and with hierarchical superiors, and with subordinates. They should promote the exchange of information and cooperation and foster team spirit.
    • ESSE employees must make a commitment to cooperate with regulatory, supervisory and supervisory authorities, complying with the requests addressed to them and not taking any action that may impede the exercise of the powers assigned to those authorities.
  • Integrated Management Policy

    ESSE - Surface and Underground Parking, S.A., to carry out its activity in a framework of balance and sustainable development, is committed to:

    • Meet the applicable requirements and the needs of its customers and other interested parties through the continuous improvement of its processes and the Integrated Management System;
    • To promote the development and improvement of its processes and methods through the continuous training of its employees in order to improve their skills; 
    • Comply with all compliance obligations; 
    • Eliminate and minimize risks and prevent injuries and occupational diseases;
    • Protection of the environment, preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact caused by our activities; 
    • Communicate and make the Management Policy available to all its employees and other stakeholders.

    Achieving the high performance of the Integrated Management System is a priority of the Management and employees of ESSE, S.A., at all levels of the organization.

    The administration,
    Diogo Rodrigues

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