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Park Charges for residents and merchants, and Park charges management:
Easily accessible parking for merchants and residents by reading the car's license plate.
Management and monitoring through software of Park Charges from the proposal of charge to its validation, as well as the management of its validity and associated payments.
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Consulting and execution services for city mobility plans:
Considering that Mobility Management is now an essential element for urban development, ESSE provides a consultancy service, implementing a Cities Mobility Plan, a key element in the implementation of an integrated parking and transport system.
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Complete operation assembly:
The ESSE performs an action plan which includes all aspects necessary for the creation and maintenance of tariffed parking. After the delineation of the study, ESSE completes the operation, through the installation of vertical signalling, installation of equipment for parking regulation and delegation of human resources for the inspection of the proposed zones.
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Operational management software:
The operating software of ESSE, combines the availability of all the tools necessary for the proper operation and management of surface parking concessions to the incorporation of innovative solutions that aim to allow the approach of all stakeholders (municipality, motorists, merchants).
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Analysis of the need for investments:
Analysis of the need for investments in infrastructures to be carried out in the medium term as a contribution to the concretization and implementation of an integrated mobility system.
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of transporting people and goods:
Through the implementation of an integrated mobility system and action plans in the areas of public transport, parking, circulation and urban logistics, ESSE helps to improve and create more urban mobility within cities, having a direct impact on the quality and cost of transportation of people and goods.

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