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Parking ticket payment methods

Via Verde Parking Application

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Download the App Via Verde Park and park without hassle. If you park on the surface, through the App you can manage payments, extend parking time and locate your vehicle. In underground parking, use your identifier to make the payment.

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You can pay your ticket through the various parking meters installed at ESSE parking spaces.

Did you receive a payment notice?

ESSE places a payment notice on the front glass of your vehicle in case the parking value has not been paid.

This is the amount you would pay if you left the car parked there for a full day, minus the amount already paid.

How to pay the warnings?

1 · Through the ATM, following the information of the entity and reference present in the payment notice.

2 · Through Payshop, where you only need to submit your payment notice to a Payshop Agent and proceed to the respective payment. You can check the location of the Payshop agents here:

3 · Directly in one of the ESSE stores:

Espinho Store

  • Rua 34, nº636
    4500 Espinho
  • (+351) 911 111 582**

Gondomar Store

  • Rua 25 de Abril, 326/B loja 105
    4420-356 Gondomar
  • (+351) 224 641 280*
    (+351) 937 012 669**

Santo Tirso Store

  • Rua Prof. Pires Fernandes, nº 73,
    4780-532 Santo Tirso
  • (+351) 252 866 230*

    * chamada para a rede fixa nacional
    ** chamada para a rede móvel nacional

VRSA Store

  • Rua 5 de Outubro
    Urbanização Horta das Meninas, Lote 11, Loja B,
    8900-307 Vila Real de Santo António
  • (+351) 938 690 070** · (+351) 938 690 075** (available from 1.06 to 15.09)

Billing Requests

In accordance with Article 40 (5), al. b) of the VAT Code, the ticket withdrawn from the parking meters is equivalent to the bill issuance, so simply fill in the VAT Number manually on the back of the ticket!
Regarding the payment of notices posted on vehicles and settlements received by letter, you can ask for the issue of a bill in our stores or at, within a maximum of 5 days after payment.

What if I do not pay a Payment Notice?

The notices represent a public parking fee settlement made by ESSE due to the lack of payment due on the parking meter. This way, we sensitize all our clients to pay for the parking of their vehicle through the on-site parking meters.
Failure to pay the parking fee sent by us will result in a maximum rate corresponding to the amount you would have paid if you left the car parked there for a full day, subtracting the amount already paid.
If the settlement made by us is not paid within the maximum period defined in the notice, a new notification will be sent to the residence, with the value of the notice, plus default interest and administrative costs. Failure to pay the fee notified by letter also implies, according to the applicable legislation (Article 148 of the Code of Procedure and Tax Procedure and Article 12 of the General Regime of Local Government Charges), charging through an enforcement process Supervisor.
In addition to the maximum value, the driver incurs a misdemeanour punishable by a fine of € 30 to € 150, under the terms of the Road Code, whose competence for supervision, instruction and decision is the responsibility of the National Highway Safety Authority.

How do I know if I have Overdue Payment Notices?

To find out if you have late parking fees, check our, site, call us on +351 253 304 060 or go to one of our shops.

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