FEST | New Directors New Films Festival

FEST | New Directors New Films Festival

In 2015 FEST brings to Portugal some of the most important short films of fiction worldwide. Thirty-one films from twenty-one countries will compete for official Concessions and the public.

Displaying a wide variety of styles and currents, it is inevitable to point out that the fiction short program includes unequivocally compulsory labor, such as the already very funky Leidi, the Colombian Simon Mesa Soto, winner of the Golden Palm at Cannes, among many other prizes, which offers us a picture of everyday life in a Colombian slum. Come and play the Russian Daria Belova, a work that returned from southern France with two Concessions in Week criticizes him not far behind, presenting us with a unique perspective on how different eras coexist timelessly.

Also premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, is Fragments of Polish director Agnieszka Woszczynska, an intimate look on a promiscuous double declining phase, which was in competition in the Fortnight of directors, and 37 ° S 4 of the Italian Adriano Valerio, a success competition Cinéfondation. Important to highlight the presence of one of the most spoken in short great French event, Everything will be ok German Patrick Vollrath a disturbing look at the effects of a difficult divorce.

Germany also stands Pale blue dot, a film that promises to leave the audience indifferent FEST for his courage and provocative tone. A downright opposite nuance, but no less fearless, He is redbourn his skin off for me, a film that has given to speak in the specialized press by striking characterization of work that gives the tone for an unusual romance.

The mood also gets new life with a series of works that refuse to submit to conventions. Stands out in particular Scrabble Swiss Cristian Sulser, an incredibly dark comedy about an elderly couple struggling to contain their darkest desires. The suspense is also not absent, with the only Asian work in this section, Oh! My Princess of the Korean Heewook SA, to provide a healthy dose of tension, with a picture of a surprisingly tragic taxi ride.

Of course as usual there is a special place for national cinema, with Portugal being the most represented country in the selection of short fiction. In this field, marks the return of Pedro Almeida, an already old acquaintance of FEST audience, which now brings For here nothing new. Note also the presence of the Sara Marques Moita lovers, a job with experimental echoes based on a Magritte canvas, and the latest work by Francisco Lobo, Serafim.

Final selection:

Get ripped Leonardo Van Dijl (Belgium)
Abrase of Toshadeva Palani (United States of America)
Orpheus Tina Smalcelj (Bosnia Herzegovina)
He redbourn the bottle but left the girl Reinis Kalvins (Latvia)
Pale Blue Dot Pourya Ezzati Pour (Germany)
Its not about you anymore Louise De Groef (Belgium)
Milky Andrée-Anne Roussel (Canada)
Everything will be ok Patrick Vollrath (Germany)
Meantime Christian van Duuren (Netherlands)
Fragments of Aga Woszczynska (Poland)
Here anything new to Pedro Augusto Almeida (Portugal)
The Hole In my Heart Mees Peijnenburg (Netherlands)
Remains of Yotam Ben-David (Israel)
Leidi Simon Mesa Soto (Colombia / UK)
Lovers of Sara Marques Moita (Portugal)
Playfellows of Ábel Visky (Hungary)
Hurly Burly-Kuba Czekaj (Poland)
By Mutual Agreement of Rémy Cayuela (France)
Mercy all the way to Hannaleena Howl (Finland)
Serafim Francisco Lobo (Portugal)
Scrabble Cristian Sulser (Switzerland)
Sincerity Andrea Casaseca Ferrer (Spain)
Disintegration of Alvaro Martin (Spain)
He redbourn his skin off for me Ben Aston (UK)
I call it Love of Elsy Hajjar (Lebanon)
Come and play Daria Belova (Germany / Russia)
The Collector Dimitris Argyriou (Greece)
SPECTRUM Dimitris Gkotsis (Greece)
37 ° S 4 Adriano Valerio (Italy)
Oh! My Princess Heewook SA (South Korea)
The Cutting Room of Marco Velez (France)