ESSE , SA focuses its activity in the management and operation of parking spaces concessions on public roads as well as exploration of all types of car parks, whether underground or surface.

In this type of business, ESSE, SA is aware that it is necessary to correspond to a mixture of common interests between different intervenients: Municipality, residents, traders, visitors and our company. There are factors common to all, such as the need for a rotational offer for parking supply in order to be able to provide better mobility and access of all, to the trade areas and services.

In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to organize the parking carefully, resulting in a better traffic flow management, which in turn will bring an improvement in air quality in the denser traffic zones.


ESSE's mission is to provide a service of excellence in order to solidify its position in the market with notoriety and credibility, supported by a pool of qualified human resources and using technologies in constant updating.

It is a constant concern to preserve the environment, promote the improvement of the quality of life of our employees and ensure the necessary safety conditions.


Permanently keeping the standard of quality of care and services that make ESSE a reference in parking management, our vision is supported by the following pillars:

  • Increased awareness in a highly competitive market.

  • Growing, but in a sustained and permanent way.

  • Reinforcing the trust we provide to our customers in terms of compliance with all contractual requirements.

  • Intervening in new business areas and new markets.

  • Adopt efficient and rigorous management models.

  • Optimize the full potential of your employees by stimulating continuous improvement of their qualifications.

  • Eliminate and minimize the risks of occupational injuries and diseases.

  • Ensure that environmental impacts in the activities developed are positive.

  • Promoting on a continuous basis the actions of social responsibility.

  • Be an example in your industry.


Innovation, knowledge, profitability, competitiveness and focus.


  • Individuality
  • We consider each employee as unique, recognizing the differences of individual and cultural values.

  • Professional development
  • We create the environment that enables people to develop their abilities, creativity and motivation.

  • Transparency
  • We have established a relationship with customers in an ethically responsible manner, promoting transparent and lasting relations.

  • Environment
  • We promote awareness for the preservation of the environment with effective and responsible use of resources available to the company, being concerned to ensure that the environmental impacts are positive for society at large.

  • Occupational health and safety
  • We optimize working conditions to reflect better performance of workers and, consequently, greater productivity, better quality and reduced direct and indirect costs.

  • Commitment
  • We value our responsibility to our employees, partners and customers, creating a trusting relationship that honors our commitments.

  • Society
  • Promotion a policy of interaction with society in the sense of a sustainable development.

  • Flexibility
  • We direct our efforts towards the future, so that we can lead our company to long-term success.

  • Excellence
  • Everything we do is guided by an unbreakable passion for excellence, and a firm commitment to continuously improve our processes, based on customer satisfaction.

  • Legality and ethical standards
  • We adopt high standards of ethical behaviour, comply with all the laws and regulations applicable to our sector.


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    4700-924 Braga

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